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Cork The Only Material Harvested Without Harming Trees

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Do you enjoy drinking a bottle of wine? If so, what then do you do with the cork? Am sure you toss it into the recycle bin along with the bottle. But what if I tell you the cork can be reused for several things? Excited to know more! Read on

Why is recycling important in general?
Recycling materials reduce the need to extract raw materials, thereby, saving earth’s resources.
There are lots of benefits from recycling, the planet, people, business benefits from recycling as well as it creates job opportunities for many.

So, how can cork be recycled?
Corks which are durable materials can be reused for craft or DIY lampshades, flip-flops, bath mats, Flooring tiles, Building insulation, Automotive gaskets, and lots more.


Here are some DIY tips for cork recycling:

  • Cleaning Knives: A cork with a dash cleanser cleans up High-carbon knives best instead of an abrasive cleaning pad.
  • Knife Holder: Try making a slit at the top of 5or more corks and then store the knives blade inside the cork this will preserve the edges much longer.
  • Business Card / Place Card Holder: This is a neat way to place business cards in an office setting.
  • Garden Mulch: If you grind your cork and add to your garden bed, it will help retain moisture and mulch your garden well.
  • Stamps: Carve several designs or shapes on the cork like moons, stars then dab with ink and enjoy the beauty the cork shapes gives.


If I say, corks can now be used to make phone cases and bags apart from the above DIY tips; I guess your surprised and asking how? Let me spill the beans!

The structure and composition of Cork make it excellent for protecting your phone. This flexible material unknown to many people is a great material to help prevent scratches on your phones.

You can also personalize the cork material to any design of your choice.

Where can I have my cork phone case made? We can do that for you!

At  we are an online store that pioneers in producing covers crafted from recycled organic materials. Our environmentally friendly wooden and organic phone cases are all handmade with care and also come with natural scent in different sizes to fit iPhone and Samsung models. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message on our Contact page, or shoot an email to this address below:

There’s no limit to what you can create with a cork material is not just a great bottle stopper!


April 25, 2018 by Dariusz Tuczynski

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