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Organic Phone Case

The Perfect Skeleton Leaves Phone Case for Halloween

Halloween, just the perfect time for trick or treat, candy and pumpkins! There is a special nostalgia in autumn and the celebration of Halloween, which is both sweet and romantic. And there is nothing depicting the unique nature of autumn more than our wonderful Skeleton Leaves Phone Case! Wouldn’t your phone need a leafy boost this time of the year?


The Very Essence of Leaves


How would you feel about a phone case that resembled those sweet, amazingly looking autumn leaves? There is nothing cosier and more inviting than that! And for those who wish to add an extra Halloween touch, skeleton leaves are just the best! Now you can protect your phone and be kept in style at the same time.

 Skeleton Leaves Organic Phone Case

Great Features


The phone case is highly durable and resilient. It can protect your phone against drops and shatters, humidity and other extreme situations. Apart from the protection offered, though, the Skeleton Leaves Phone Case also adds to your style and elegance. It allows you to get in the autumn mood and feel the warmth and intimacy of Halloween.


Leaves are falling off the trees, covering the streets and adding a special orange-brown colour all around. Why not get the very same leafy effect on your phone? Rather than settling for a colourless, ordinary and dull phone case, you can choose something unique. A trendy accessory that will transform your phone into the latest fashionable item!

Natural Skeleton Phone Case For Halloween

The Perfect Combo


Skeleton leaves and Halloween definitely make the perfect combo! Earth celebrates most wonderfully, through a plethora of warm colours and nature’s masterpieces. Orange pumpkins get in line to light up the streets, sitting comfortably on each terrace. Sweet and savoury delicacies are baked in the oven, overwhelming the atmosphere with mesmerising aromas.


This is a special time of the year. Halloween is a great, popular celebration, loved by young ones and old ones everywhere in the world. Everyone is looking for the best costume. A costume that will allow people to disguise and transform into a mystical presence!


Dressing up is one of the most popular things about Halloween. You can see a wide variety of costumes out there. People dress up as witches and ghosts, they put on humorous or frightening costumes, and they get out in the streets. It is a whole tradition behind that! So why not dress up your phone as well?


Our Skeleton Leaves Phone Case is aesthetically beautiful and greatly practical. It is a wonderful addition to your phone, something that will definitely make a difference and stand out among the rest. This phone case has been especially handpicked for the holiday season, as the perfect accessory during Halloween!


Although it is not that spooky, it maintains the special characteristics of Halloween and its core essence. This season, you should dare and buy such a lovely casing for your phone – till you go trick or treating!

October 21, 2017 by Gabriele Vanelli
Handcrafted Phone Cases

The Best Handcrafted Phone Cases

Do you like to adorn your phone with a cover that is attractive and eco-friendly at the same time? Today, there is an array of choices when it comes to phone cases as they come in multiple designs and colors. However, if you prefer to make your phone look more personalized and unique from others, you have to think different. This is where you should choose a phone cover that is manufactured in a different kind of material when compared to ordinary covers in the market. How about a handcrafted phone case that is made with perfectly natural products?


A Phone Case That is Special


It is organic, unique, impressive and something that you might have never come across before. is an online store that pioneers in producing covers that are crafted from organic materials. These are handmade cases that will fit any kind of smartphones. These covers are not only beautiful and elegant but also eco-friendly. Therefore, by purchasing these products, you support for a pollution-free environment as these are bio-degradable products. Your task is to place the order and select the material that you want your phone cover to be.

 Organic Handcrafted Flower Phone Case

An Impressive Range of Organic Covers


Do you like your phone cover to be made with rose petals or jasmine? No matter what you choose, any cover made from fresh flowers is simply mind-blowing! However, they are not the only choices that are available at  In fact, there are more interesting options that will make your phone look one-of-a-kind. If you are a coffee lover, you can personalize your phone with a cover made with coffee beans. Otherwise, you can always go for the other option of hay which is also something that you will love. There’s also the organic phone cover crafted with the skeletons of leaves which is a creative masterpiece of phone covers.

 Handcraft Carved Wood Phone Case

Your Perfect Wooden Choice


There’s an attractive nature in wood that makes it one of the most sought out materials in the world. So, Mistill also provides a collection of handcrafted phone covers made from wood. When it comes to plain and sleek wooden covers, you will find so many shades of them here. On the other hand, there are also wooden phone cases that have pretty intricate designs on them. So, it is simply your choice and taste that matters here because this online store has everything you need.


So, if you want a phone cover that is sophisticated and highly outstanding, look no further. This online store strongly supports bio-degradable products and produces amazing phone covers from purely organic materials. These covers are waterproof and highly durable and therefore are well worth the money invested in them. It is the time to go for a superior choice that lets you beautify your phone while protecting the mother planet.

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